September 8, 2011

Autumn Comes to Down East Maine

There's no doubt about it, Autumn has arrived here in Down East Maine!

Out in the orchard the branches almost touching the ground, so laden are they with small green apples. At night the deer venture out of the woods to feast on the drops beneath the trees.

Soon Scruffy, the little brown rabbit who lives with under the Norwegian spruce, will begin to turn snowy white.

The woolly caterpillars are out in force, trouping up and down the outside of our breakfast room window pane, and this year for the first time their "fur" is white like Scruffy's coat.

They don't seem as fluffy as in years past, which, taken with the fact that the cones are still visible at the tops of the fir trees, may indicate a mild winter. But already we've had fires in the woodstove and fireplace, and there's a definite nip in the air.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. The colors, the aromas, the sights and sounds, all speak to me of happy days ahead.

So, like a young girl opening a brand new notebook and sharpening that first pencil of the new school year, I've set to work in my Rough Magic Holidays shop, filling my first page with fall items - some brand new, others just waking up from several months' hibernation. That first page is, after all, my showroom; in the same way a brick & mortar shop's window is decorated to draw passers-by in from the sidewalk, my front page must be as pretty and appealing as I can make it.

Here's a composite photo of a few of the items I'm currently showing in that window ~

Rough Magic Holidays 

Shall you stop in for a visit? The coffee pot's always on. And there isn't a woolly caterpillar in sight.

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  1. Mollie, I love this post. There is something so special about a Downeast fall. I love it, too, even though it means winter is coming (which has its good points, too!). Gorgeous items!