September 23, 2010

It's an Old New England Custom ...

Yesterday, among a dozen or so items I was photographing for Joe's vintage shop on Etsy, I discovered this pretty little book and made the mistake of opening it. Thus ended the photo shoot.

It's an Old New England Custom by Edwin Valentine Mitchell was published in 1946 and, since Joe is listing it in his shop as I type, I'll post the link here rather than fill up this post with bibliographical details.

Instead, I'll celebrate some of the traditions of my adopted region, illustrated with drawings from Mitchell's book and finds from fellow Etsy sellers.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I'll point out that it's an old New England custom to have haunted houses.

Now if there's anything in abundance in New England, it's trees. And a tree house can certainly be haunted, as twolefthands proves with her fetching Tree House Number 16.
And speaking of haunted ... It's an old New England custom to behold phantom ships.
No doubt those ships looked very much like this phantom, artistically photographed by ClydeKeller.
Keeping in the ... er, spirit of hauntings and phantoms and such, it's an old New England custom to thirst after strange gods.
Looking at this amazing vintage photo from the collection of maclancy, I can't help thinking whatever that lady has in mind the future doesn't look any too promising for the chicken.
To finish off our little pre-Halloween exploration of traditions, it's an old New England custom to excel in epitaphs.
And with the charming Love Grave by KCimagery, I'll ... er, lay these matters to rest.

# # #

Old New England customs also include having pie for breakfast and serving turkey and cranberry sauce. I'll save those for another celebration.


  1. I love this! I am in New Hampshire in the Seacoast area so this really speaks to me :)

    Thanks so much for including my photo. It was taken in Portsmouth just at the entrance to the bridge to we like to walk over with the kids who think it's very cool to walk from one state to another.

  2. Your life sounds perfect! From Joe's baked bread to your pasta, I think i could move in! Thanks so much for including my Tree House Mollie!

  3. Oh I just love love love this game! So much fun!
    Your jewelry items are so beautiful! Please check out Mollie's stores! It will be worth your while!