February 21, 2015

An Armchair Safari

Safari Gemstone Necklace
Aaaaah well, the sun is out today, but it's still pretty darn cold up here in Maine. Elsewhere as well, I'm told.

All the same, even though Winter hasn't quite finished with us yet, I don't see any reason why we can't enjoy a little adventure to spice things up a bit.

So ... if you're feeling game, come along with these hardy members of the Jewelry on Etsy Team and the Etsy Maine Team on an Armchair Safari!


  1. What a lovely post! Your blog is really nice and good reading!!

    1. Thank you Urban. I'm having fun tweaking it and thinking of things to post! :)

  2. Even an armchair safari sounds good right now, although a real one (cameras only) would be fabulous!

  3. Great post Mollie. Loved taking the safari with you. ROWWWRRRRRRR.