January 30, 2014

A Home for My Earrings?

Earlier today I was looking at this pair of Jet Black Chandelier Earrings in my Etsy Holiday Shop an started thinking about the kind of home they will go to one of these days.

So, being an inveterate treasury curator, I decided to build a collection of finds around the theme of home.

As you can see, I found a lot of fabulous things, including the vintage street sign that inspired the title of my treasury - "300 W. 11th"


I think "300 W. 11th" turned out to be one of those treasuries that - quite by accident - tells us a story. But what that story may be, I've yet to discover.

Hmmmmm .......

Meanwhile, please click anywhere on the treasury to view it "live" on Etsy. And be sure to visit each and every one of these fabulous shops!

Suggested scenarios are very welcome, so please comment and tell me the story that this treasury tells you!

©2013 Rough Magic Creations


  1. I've seen and been fortunate to have been IN many of your Magical treasuries ... this is my favorite of all time ... IDK why exactly, it's got a rustic urban vibe that just appeals to me. THANK you so much my friend ...... and I'll be back for that coffee! xxoo

    1. Aw Coolie, thank you so much! Reading your words has put a huge smile on my face! Your beautiful items make every treasury a special treat; you are every curator's dream!!!! Coffee's on!