July 28, 2013

Fall Fashion Wrap Up

Autumn Leaf Charm
While much of the United States is still basking in summer sunshine and warm (not to say blazing hot) temperatures, up here in Northern New England in general and Maine in particular, we're seeing those telltale signs that Autumn will be here before we know it.

Already the evenings are getting longer ... and turning cooler. It's time to get out the flannel jammies and light up the woodstoves!

Golden leaves are appearing among the green on the big birch tree outside my window, and just this morning I spied a yellow leaf on the ground.

The little red squirrels who have lived in our woods longer than we've lived in this house are scurrying around with their cheeks full of little spruce cones.

And, to prove I'm not imagining things, just the other day the L. L. Bean Fall Catalog arrived in our P.O. Box!

Naturally, all these hints of change in the air (and in the shops - yikes! Halloween already?), my thoughts turn to fall fashions.

And where better to find the latest trends than at Etsy.com? Aside from the aforementioned catalog, nowhere that I know of.

So ... in honor of the anticipated arrival of my favorite of seasons, here is my new Etsy Treasury!

For obvious reasons, I named it "Fall Fashion Wrap Up"!

©2013 Rough Magic Creations

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