June 29, 2013

A New Look for Etsy Listings

Knock Knock.  Who's there?

Big.  Big Who?

Big Change - for You!
Lately there's been a lot of chatter, and plenty of pros and cons (read "love it" and "hate it") batted around, about the "New Look" Etsy is introducing to our individual listing pages.

The change - and it is a BIG one - is being rolled out slowly, shop by shop as I understand it, and it seems to "come and go" and vary from old to new depending upon your browser.

But, for those who haven't seen it yet, I thought it might be helpful to post some screen shots I took of one of my own listings in Rough Magic Holidays, as seen with both Chrome and Firefox.

First, Chrome. This is the listing for my Metalwork Butterfly Pendant, as seen with the New Look. 

And this is the old view of the same page, as I'm still seeing it on Firefox.

Even considering that Blogger auto adjusted the sizes (to my consternation) so that these two screen shots aren't to scale, there's quite difference, isn't there?

Ok, I admit it. When I first saw a screen shot of what our pages soon would look like, I thought I was going to hate the new look.

I was wrong.

While there are still features I'd like to see tweaked, on in some instances changed outright, overall I'm thinking the pros outnumber the cons - far and away.

In fact, I can hardly wait till Etsy rolls out the New Look for all shops ... and all browsers show it too.

Meanwhile, what do you think?
 Love it?          Hate it? 
Don't give a hoot?

Whatever we say, in praise or in protest, it's coming soon to a shop near you. Near all of us.
©2013 Rough Magic Creations


  1. LOVE IT! The new look adds extra links to related items & quick links to the artists and all kinds of good stuff.

    1. Yes indeed, CFS! That's one of the things I like best about it. Also, I'm happy to see the shop name in Big Bold letters right at the top of the page! We look much more like autonomous shops that way. :)

  2. Hey Mollie Ann! Thanks so much for sharing this...I had no idea this change is coming! I am really glad to have the heads up! No opinion yet...need to ruminate a bit...but since it IS coming I will focus on getting used to it. Hope Etsy launches this well befor the fall busy time...my time is busy now too but fall is crazy! Again thanks! debOrah

    1. debOrah, I so agree! Since "It is what it is," we'll learn to use it well - to benefit buyers and sellers alike! And like you, I just hope Etsy launches it quickly to all our shops (and all our browsers).