April 1, 2013

April in Maine? How Foolish.

Fuzzy Bug Scrappy Buddy by MakingsofShannaTice
 Ah yes, it's that time again.

April has arrived in Maine (and elsewhere, I'm told).

Just this morning, while poking around out in the dooryard, I spied the tender shoots of a lone tulip just breaking through the still thawing earth. Perhaps the fact that it's growing directly beneath the dryer vent accounts for its courage.          Or perhaps its foolishness. Time, and laundry, will tell.

Tulip notwithstanding, there are still scattered patches of snow on the ground. Up here Down East we know better than to start planting our gardens until early June. The threat of frost hangs over us until then.

In any event, to welcome this new month I've put together a sweet little collection of offerings by members of the Etsy Maine Team.

We're logical, plain spoken folk up here ...
I know that you believe ... Notecard by FolkArtTree
... always ready to taste something new ...                ... and the tried and true.
Penelope the Sword Swallower by thestapeliacompany
Lobster Power by LobstArtDoc

                       We know how to celebrate, and we're already anticipating May!
Lobsters' Maypole Dance by shopJulie

We're romantics at heart ...
Love/Madness by jessleclair

... so we expect the unexpected ...
Loch Ness Spotted by alowPhotography

 ... and always plan ahead.
Drfitwood Sign by CarabellaStudio

We love to camp. Most days.
Bear Left by MyHumbleJumble

We know how to laugh ...
Jake the Cat by CindiRessler

... and play well with others.
Folksy Fruits by ProsperosBookshelf

We welcome "Awayers" ...
Vintage Russsian Brooch by DownEastCollectibles
... but enjoy our own company.
Original Painting by bethsCraftRoom

 We're resourceful ...
Recycled Sea Glass Earrings by AdroitJewelers

... and happy!
Watercolor Mermaid Print by suzannedrown

Ayuh, my fellow Maine-ahs are an imaginative
and talented bunch, don't you think?

OY by davidjacobsonglass

And that's no April Foolin'!

©2013 Rough Magic Creations


  1. Awesome Mollie! Thanks for including Jake the Cat! He and I appreicate it!

  2. This collection made me smile! Happy April!

  3. Thanks for including my "Lobster Power!"

  4. Thanks Mollie!!! Had to go check out some shops I've never seen before! Enjoy the arrival of spring!

  5. You've done it again! So funny and creative. Thanks for sharing your talents and all of the wonderful shops in the Maineteam.

  6. Ayuh, no foolin. Wicked pissah Mollie.

  7. No tricks, this is a great post! : ) Thank you for including my earrings, Mollie!

  8. Thank you, Everybody, for your kind comments! I had such fun finding all these super things by my fellow Maine-ahs! :)

  9. Wonderful things up there in Maine!

  10. Happy to finally see spring :-)

    1. Hi Colette! Glad it's spring where you are! It's not quite here yet for us, but soon .... :)

  11. Mollie, your Winter scene looks so cozy. I never thought I would miss Winter but it is so pretty where you are. Your blog is beautiful as ever. Mainians (is that a word?) sure are a talented lot.

  12. Hey, Lori and Norah! It's almost spring up here where we "Mainians" live! :)