January 5, 2013

A New Year, a New Look, a Resolution

Maybe some of you remember my Resolution for 2012 - that I would make an Etsy treasury every day during the year.

That's the first New Year's Resolution I've ever been able to keep, but I couldn't have done it alone.

Because I had a slight problem with my hand, diagnosed as "Fish Tank Finger" and requiring three minor operations and one huge bandage, I would have fallen on my face, treasury wise, had not friends from the Jewelry on Etsy Team and the Etsy Maine Team come to my rescue. These wonderful people stepped into the breach and, while I was incapacitated and recovering the use of my left paw, made sure a treasury went up every day as part of my "365 in 365" series. There simply aren't any words to express how grateful I am to me fellow team members.

Although many of the featured items have gone to their forever homes, those 365 treasuries are still active.

Here are a few of the latest -
You can view them all on Etsy: 365 in 365.

 * * * 

With 2012 behind us, I decided it was time my blog got a New Look! I've spent several hours working on it, giving it a new template and banner, adding my profile info to the main page, and sweeping away much of the clutter that had accumulated as gadgets over the years.

Gone, at least for the time being, are all those scrolling widgets, and a number of other distractions as well - including my Theda Bara avatar! In many ways it pains me to see Theda exit stage right, but I'm consoling myself that she's still alive and well and presiding over Rough Magicals, my supply shop on Etsy. I hope you'll drop by the shop and say hello to the Vamp now and then!

And ... I hope you like the new look here! Yay or nay, please let me know what you think!

Now to the heart of the matter. A new Resolution for 2013: To be a more reliable, and hopefully more entertaining, blogger. With all those treasuries to be made last year, I fell far behind over here. However, encouraged by my ability to keep last year's promise to myself, I'm feeling confident about keeping this year's promise too. Time will tell.

Meanwhile ... 

Happy New Year!
©2013 Rough Magic Creations


  1. Your blog looks wonderful Mollie!

    1. Thank you Cindi! I'm having such fun revamping it!

  2. looks beautiful! I've never heard of fish tank finger....what is that????

    1. Thanks Rose! I'd never heard of it either - till I got it. It's a micro-bacterial infection I picked up by poking myself in the hand while cracking a lobster shell.

  3. Sorry about your finger, Mollie! What great friends you have. Blog looks clean and neat! Happy 2013