July 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home and America's First Hamlet

America's First Hamlet
All my life I've loved little houses. 

Little Cottage - Grey and Terracotta Red
by rodica
Maybe it's because I grew up in one - a white frame Arts & Crafts bungalow on Rawlins Street. 

Or maybe it's because tiny abodes just seem so darn sweet and inviting.

Elves live in little houses. As do fairies. Even the mice scurrying within the walls are friendly.
Mid Century Toy Cottage by LoveButlerVintage

Around little houses, birds sing all day - even in winter. Of course it was never really winter on Rawlins Street. Well ... almost never.

So you're probably wondering what little houses have to do with Hamlet

Well, I'll tell you. The other day I was taking photographs of a vintage book for my husband Joe's Etsy shop, Prospero's Bookshelf, and remembered that the subject of the biography, America's First Hamlet, John Howard Payne, was the author of that haunting old song, "Home Sweet Home."

Home Sweet Home
John Howard Payne (1796-1852) was an American poet, playwright and actor. Failing on the American stage, he traveled to England, where he fared better as a dramatist. His beloved song is sung by the heroine of his play Clari; or, the Maid of Milan (1823). 

Payne is best remembered for his collaboration with Washington Irving in the writing of Charles the Second (1824), but that's a story for another day. 

Joe also has the book Home Sweet Home, another biography of Payne, in his shop, but - since he's an expert on American dramatic literature and history, he'll probably be posting about that on his blog, by and by.

Me, I'm still thinking about little houses ... and finding a lovely variety on Etsy.

From handmade clay cottages to vintage toy houses, from handbags to coasters, there's plenty of appealing real estate to be enjoyed and, perhaps, brought home to your own dwelling ... humble or otherwise.

Fisher Price Tudor Doll Family Play House
by ThePantages
Home Sweet Home Purse
by GinnyandHarriot

Little House Wooden Coaster Set
by MixedMediabySRC

And of course, now that I've started on the subject, I can't resist showing you a photo I took today. This is our own little cottage - our very own Home Sweet Home!

©2012 Rough Magic Creations.


  1. cute post Mollie! I learned something today.


    1. Yay Kristy! I did too. Learn something, that is! :)

  2. I loved all the little houses and the stories around them! Thank you for including mine!
    But the best one is your own, real, little cottage, just perfect!

  3. Thank you Rodica! I'm so happy you like it!

    Also, I'm so glad I found your shop and your little houses! They're wonderful!!!

  4. Not only do you have that crazy beautiful view, but the sweetest little house too! Thank you for sharing and teaching us a thing or two.

    1. Thank you YDJ! There really is "no place like home"! xoxo