July 14, 2012

Beach Thoughts

Copper Starfish Necklace
Up here in Maine it's a well known and oft repeated fact. We have two seasons - Winter and the 4th of July.

But this year, either the weather man has gotten seriously befuddled, or Independence Day is lasting a few days longer than usual.

Because this is definitely Summer, and being a Texan, you can believe me when I say I know about Summer.

Anyway, with temps soaring these days, I keep thinking about the beach. Especially when Joe and I look out our window and see a sight like this -

How many ways are there to say "Wow!!!"?
That's what I call a "quick, grab the camera" moment. I took this photo, and several more, standing on our deck with my trusty little Canon PowerShot, all the while wishing I'd found time to take a course in photography somewhere along the way. That's a gorgeous two masted schooner sailing between us and the Green Island Lighthouse. Western Mountain, on Mount Desert Island, is in the distance.

So ... back to thinking about the beach, I thought it would be fun to see how many appropriate items I could find in my Etsy Shop, Rough Magic Creations.
Turns out, there are quite a few, among them ...

Starfish Copper Charm Bracelet - Hammered Metalwork
Beach Shell Wreath with Lobsterman's Rope
and Colorful Glass
Summer Fashion Necklace with Winkle Shells,
Gemstones, Glass Beads and Crystals
And now, here are a couple of those "365 in 365" challenge treasuries I've been making.

Where to start? Hmmm..... Let's continue with summer and beach themes.
Kick back. Relax. It's Summer. #173
My Little Blue Cottage by the Big Blue Sea #192
White Sand. Blue Water. A Starfish. #156
One Summer Night #189

And now, it really is "One Summer Night." 
Time for me to go to sleep and dream of ... 

Well now, what do you think I should be dreaming of tonight?

Copper Scallop Shell Dish
©2012 Rough Magic Creations

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  1. Wow Mollie, you and Joe truly live in paradise.
    I love that halibut wall hanging. And not just for the hall-o-bit. (sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity). But the etching on it is so lovely.
    Your blog is so much fun to visit:)