April 10, 2012

A Very Special Treasury for "365 in 365"

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After being away from this blog, from my Etsy shops, and from curating treasuries for what seems like a very long time, I'm back to continue my "365 in 365" challenge - to make a treasury for every day of this year.

While I was recovering from minor surgery, several of my Etsy friends and team members stepped into the breech, taking up the "365" torch and making beautiful treasuries in my absence. (You can see their treasuries in recent posts, which my sweet husband Joe took care of for me.)

Many other friends sent me wonderful healing energy, prayers and good thoughts, lent me moral support, and lifted my spirits.

This treasury celebrates 16 of my Etsy friends and fellow shopkeepers, each and every one of whom I cherish.

As "365 in 365" continues, I'll be adding more dear friends to my treasuries.

Thank you, my Friends!

©2012 Rough Magic Creations.


  1. SO glad you are feeling better, dear Mollie. I am honored to be included among your friends... Suz

  2. I'm still your friend! Glad you had so many help out.xoxo