April 16, 2012

Treasury Number 108 of "365 in 365"

On your mark ... Get set ... Garden!
Hooray and Huzzah! At long last, Spring is putting in appearance up here in Hancock County, Maine!

In our breakfast room window, Joe's tomatoes are sprouting in their peat pots, and the peppers will soon follow their example. Soon we'll be transferring the strongest of them to their containers - to begin their summer on the deck. (We've become so spoiled to our own home grown tomatoes that we haven't bought the grocery store variety for years. When our summer crop is gone, we'll simply do without.)

Yesterday was a glorious day. After spending much of the afternoon out in the flower beds, raking, cutting back the Winter's detritus, turning the soil, and expanding the bean plot, we are so ready to garden!

To prove the point, this is Treasury Number 108 of the 365 I've challenged myself to curate in 2012.

©2012 Rough Magic Creations.

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