March 16, 2012

Bunny of the Week Award

Introducing a brand new series - the Bunny of the Week Award!

Every Friday (or maybe Saturday as time permits) I'll be presenting a little cyber Bunny to a worthy recipient chosen by a distinguished committee of ... um, one.

Namely ... moi.

So ... without further fuss and feathers, the Winner of the first ever Bunny of the Week is ... "etsy in real life" - a blog created by HMDDesigns, home of fabulous bags, accessories and novelties - all handmade in Saco, Maine, by the lovely and gifted Malaika Picard.

Malaika combines recycled clothing, new materials, and her own special magic - to create original designs for the entire family.

Designs like these ...

Burnt orange and red accents embroidered evening clutch
Pinstripe mustache bifold mens wallet

Birdie friends on a tree applique fabric notebook cover

Monkey see monkey blue girls mini tote bag

NomMon denim baby bib

In addition to creating her wonderful branded line, this tireless artisan finds time to participate in the activities of the Etsy Maine Team and to write a fascinating daily post on etsy in real life!

Be sure to visit Malaika's Etsy Shop and follow her Blog!

You'll be delighted every day!

Enjoy your Bunny, Malaika! You deserve it!

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©2011 Rough Magic Creations.


  1. Thanks, sweet Mollie! I'm honored! :-)

  2. Well deserved, Malaika - you do beautiful work!

  3. Adorable! You deserve it M! What a great idea Mollie!

  4. Thanks Mollie for sharing this really great shop!