August 23, 2011

My Favorite Treasury ... Ever! Patination

Vintage Tin and a Dozen Wooden Spools by SimplySuzula
During more than three years as an Etsy seller, I've seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of absolutely gorgeous treasuries curated by other Etsians.

When I say that SimplySuzula's "Patination" is my all time favorite treasury, what I mean is that this one has lifted me right out of my chair and sent me soaring above the tree tops. (And I'd say this even if Suzula hadn't so kindly honored me with inclusion in her treasury.)

I could go on and on praising this treasury, as well as the wonderful Etsian who so skillfully put it together, but it doesn't need words from me. It speaks for itself.

'Patination' by simplysuzula

Just heard this word on Antiques Roadshow when describing a copper tea kettle. "It has wonderful patination".Here's my patina picks.

Copper Hummingbird sculpture...

Handmade Vintage Patina Copp...

Copper Spiral Ornament

Copper Framed Mirror - Green...

Verdigris Vine Cuff


Bittersweet Orange - 16mm Pa...

Copper Pressed Bonsai Elm Le...

Copper Maple Leaf Dish

Porcelain Earrings - Long Le...

In the Garden No. 2

Green Verdigris Patina Coppe...

Copper Patina Gear Links - H...

double copper disk earrings

Copper And Sterling Silver V...

Patina Point Line Plane, Ori...

What does this treasury say to you?
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  1. What a lovely surprise, Mollie!! I'm honored to have one of my treasuries featured in your blog. And SO much flattery... Thanx!!!

  2. If I had a penny for every copper filled treasury made by SimplySuzula - I'd be rich! LOL She loves her some patina! She's the best!

  3. It's exquisite. I know first hand how much time and effort goes into making treasuries, and this one is a jewel--carefully crafted, thought-out. You look so good here, Mollie!