June 2, 2011

Redecorating for Summer Part One - Going Handmade

Home by LoveArtWorks
Yes, at last we're beginning to believe there really will be a summer in Maine this year. 

After a long cold winter and a soggy foggy spring, the sun is shining, the temps are climbing.

The grass is green, and the birch and maple trees are in full leafy glory.

Around Prospero Lane there's a whisper on the breeze: "Psst! Time to pretty up this house!"

And what happier way to pretty up than to go shopping online? This is going to be fun! Come along with me to explore the world of original art and handmade home decor ...

To match the beauty outside my window, I'm looking for color. Where to begin? With my favorite green, of course!

Setting the mood and palette for my redecorating plan, I'll start with a pair of lovely, nature-inspired framed watercolors by Knee Deep Originals
Shy Summer Grosbeak
Now I'll summer up my throw pillows with a couple of decorator covers by Pillow Throw Decor.
Sunny Yellow Trellis Pillow
Colorful Decorator Suzani Pillow
Joe's favorite color is yellow, so he's going to love this new look! And I'm happy to see splashes of blue and turquoise getting into the mix.

Let's see what else I can find ...

Aaaah, it wouldn't feel like summer in Maine without something beachy. I'll add a couple of pretties by Beach Grass Cottage.
Sea Glass Votive Candle Holder
Beach Decor Sea Glass Wreath

I'm liking the direction this project is taking!

Some beautiful knobs and tiles by Uneek Glass Fusions will give my kitchen cabinets a fresh and bold new look.
Olive Green Lime Green Knobs

Blue Balloons Dichroic Glass Backsplash Tile

And while we're in the kitchen, let's put on the coffee pot and gather 'round for a cup of refreshment - sipped from gorgeous mugs by LoveArtWorks.
Gather Friends
Many Multiple Mugs - To Think and Drink By

I hope you've enjoyed this shopping trip as much as I have! Next time, in Part Two, I'll be on the hunt for wonderful vintage items to complement these handmade lovelies.

Till then, while we're thinking and drinking, please tell us about your own summer redecorating projects!

What do you have planned?

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  1. Wow what a beautiful collection of summer finds! I love those coffee mugs. I especially want to say a really big thank you for featuring my throw pillows. That colorful suzani pillow has been my most popular pillow cover EVER! Throw pillows are so fun to add and move around the house and its like they smile back at you! :) Cheers christine

  2. Absolutely gorgeous colors and treasures! I love how you put everything together... it looks fabulously bright and cheery! Thanks for including my bird art here. And YAY for summer! I'm so glad it finally reached you and Joe.

  3. OH MY!! How Super FUNtabulous!! Your Gorgeous Sun-Shiney Post has made me look around my house and start thinking that I NEED to go shopping....For Wonderfully Summer Handmade Goodness! Shhhhhhhh........don't tell Kane.....

    Thank you so much Mollie for including my Mugs and also my "Home" plaque in this most Excellent Summer Shopping Guide! Can't wait to see your Beautiful house in person...

  4. What a lovely selection - your house is going to look amazing this summer! Erika Price Jewelry