April 3, 2011

What's wrong with this handmade jewelry?

There's only one thing wrong with all these beautiful jewelry creations by members of the Jewelry on Etsy Team (a.k.a. JETTeam).
Got my Eye on YOU Bracelet by cooljewelrydesign
Calypso Rhythms Earrings by SatinDollCo

And what exactly might that one thing be?

Spring Fling Necklace by DivineBijoux

Is it the style?

Nope. These beauties are all stylish, classy, fashionable.

The materials? Nope. You can count on a JET to use the only the best.

Summer Holiday Bracelet by jemsbyjbandcompany

The colors?

Nope. Just look at these gorgeous palettes.

Is it the skill of the artisans?

Nope. Nope. Nope. And Nope. These jewelry designers are as highly skilled as they come.

Red Jade Briolette Earrings by fuchsiabloomstudio

The price? Nope. A JET is scrupulously fair.

Citrus Sensation Necklace by abacusbeadcreations

The quality of  workmanship?

Don't make me hurt you.

Okay, okay . . . so it's not the style, not the materials, not the colors, not anything else.

Red Fused Glass Ring by AdroitJewelers

Then what in the world is wrong with them? 

Tangerine Delight Bracelet by beadsme
. . . . .

They're not in my jewelry box, that's what.

Wooden Trinket Box by RoughMagicCreations

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  1. Awesome handmade jewelry, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great post! Beautiful finds! And thank you for including my ring in such talented company!

  3. What beautiful creations! Great post!

  4. Hahahaha - empty jewelry box is a sad jewelry box. Great post.

  5. Wonderful Post! Made me laugh out loud!

  6. Lol ~ too funny! That citrus sensation necklace is absolutely delightful! :)

  7. You always make me laugh! Great post!

  8. teeeeee heeeeeeee.....
    YOU are too funny my friend!!

  9. Thank you, sweet buds! So glad you enjoyed it!

  10. tee hee. The suspense was killing me