August 7, 2010

Warm Apple Cider and a Bracelet

Ummmm ... warm apple cider on a chilly night in Maine! 

This time of year, when the motion sensor light comes on during the wee hours, we know the deer have come down to feast on the drops in the orchard.

The fruit are glowing red and pale green on the one apple tree that's producing this year. (The other tree was cleft asunder when the big blue spruce came crashing down on top of it, and now it's focusing all its energy on healing and renewal.)

Soon the house will be filled with the sweet spicy aroma of Joe's pies baking in the oven, and in anticipation ... here's a warm and fragrant mug of steaming cider!  Ahhhhhhh .....

Oh! And here's a bracelet that looks like that apple cider will surely taste.
Warm Apple Cider Bracelet

If you'd care to take a peek at "Warm Apple Cider" (the bracelet), you'll find it here ~

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