August 19, 2010

New Template Designer! Yay!!!

This post really should be put on hold till tomorrow, or even next week, but I'm too excited to wait!

I just tried out the new blog Template Designer feature! Wow, so many possibilities! I could play with this cutie all day.

Above is the "Before" shot of this same blog. Posting a photo of the "After" shot would be a bit redundant, don't you think?
Just scroll down a couple of posts to see what it looks like now.

And please let me know what you think.

Look out, Joe! I'm headed over to your blog ... and I know your password.


  1. I'm impressed with your blog creativity, Mollie.. like the new template and reading up on past and present!here's to new ventures. xoxo

  2. lookin' good, miss mollie! love your new design!
    hugs to you~