July 8, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Etsy Project Embrace (TeamEPE), of which both Joe and I have been members since its very beginning, is featured in the Storque, Etsy.com's own blog.

The article tells how Etsy Project Embrace began, when our friend Laura (creativelytangled.etsy.com and lauraslocumpainted.etsy.com) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and a group of her cyber buddies joined forces with her sister Jenn (jennreese7.etsy.com) and her niece Kelly (SweetnessJewelry.etsy.com) to support her by ...

But no ~ click here to read this inspiring story for yourself! (A word to the wise ... have plenty of hankies handy when you start reading.)

Above: Laura, Kelly, Jenn
EPEr Ginny Huber (ginnyhuber.etsy.com) left, and Team Leader Kristin Love (loveartworks.etsy.com)

Laura, her husband Bartt and their sons Drew and Alex

With special thanks to all who made this Storque feature a reality: Kristin, Sam (cityroad.etsy.com), Kim (slinkymalinkicat.etsy.com), Morgan of Etsy Admin, and all 250+ members of this generous and loving team!



  1. I so happy for everyone and that we've been lucky enough to make so many people aware of our team! Yay!

  2. *sniff* Just got through another box of hankies! Thanks for spreading the word about our fantastic team, Mollie!

  3. Wonderful article, Mollie!! We are SO blessed to belong to this caring team...

  4. What an amazing group!!! So caring and giving! I am thrilled to be a part of this!! xoxo Cait