July 29, 2010

Jewelry to celebrate the harvest

Up here in Maine, August is a time when the leaves on the birches, maples and other deciduous trees begin to turn.

Already now, even as July comes to a close, the nights are turning cooler and we often fall asleep with the aroma woodsmoke wafting through our open windows.

Our neighbors are "awayers" - summer residents who up stakes and depart for warmer climes after Labor Day. Joe and I are made of tougher stuff, at least to hear us tell it. We seldom turn on our heat before the temps drop below 60 inside the house. Being a native Mainer, Joe has taught me the value of lodging a resident cardigan in every room. But that's a topic for another day....

Today I have jewelry on my mind. Actually I have jewelry on my mind every day, and often all night long. So with August just a few days away, it's time to get my little Etsy Holiday Shop spruced up for Fall. And of course, the changing seasons always bring a great excuse (as if I needed an excuse) for doing what I like best!

While working on these designs, I kept thinking of the unifying qualities of the yearly harvest, and how it has been celebrated by so many different cultures through the ages.

Whether in the clan, the tribe or the nation, or around the family dinner table, the harvest has always brought people together in a ritual festival of joy, gratitude and generosity.

I hope those qualities show in my fall jewelry, as I hear them singing in my heart.


  1. Such lovely pieces - but I'm staggered to think of Autumn starting in August.

  2. Beautiful colors! Looks like many of us are starting to pull out the autumn hues. Even if it's still in the 90's here!