June 26, 2010

Summer on Herrick Bay

At last! Summer is really here! I know this because Joe came in sunburned after working in the yard yesterday.

Here are just a few of the sights that bring joy and vitality to Herrick Bay.

All along the rockbound coast of Maine, the gulls survey their kingdom.

 At low tide these tiny sea snails rest in a bed of seaweed.

A two-masted schooner sails southward down the bay to join the other sail boats on Eggemoggin Reach.

There have been American bald eagles here for as long as we have, and surely for many centuries before we arrived. We've read that the bald eagle and glide for 25 miles without once beating its wings.

The pileated woodpecker forages in the bark of the big birch tree whose bare upper reaches are the domain of our very own crows.

Happy Summer, Everybody!


  1. wonderful post mollie~ your photos perfectly capture the most beautiful things about downeast!

  2. I don't know how you get any work done! Aren't we blessed?

  3. OH MY!! This is AWESOME Mollie!! I cannot WAIT to come and visit!! Kane and I are shooting for FALL 2011!! YAY!!