June 9, 2010

Presenting cordelia the eco cat! Handmade by cityroad on Etsy!

Big congrats to Sam of cityroad, 2nd Runner-up in the EPE Mix and Match Game!

Sam would like to introduce you to cordelia the eco cat.

On cordelia's tummy are the letters r.r.r. which stand for her mantra which she learned at school: "reduce, re-use, recycle." A self-described "true eco-warrior/worrier" she is also "a bit of a peace freak" ... hence the tattoo on her bottom.

Sam created cordelia from a very soft cashmere blend cardigan, felted in the washing machine.

Just look at the happy gleam in cordelia's little button eyes! That's because she knows she's tagged TeamEPE, so that when she goes to her new home Sam will make a donation to the American Cancer Society.

And what could be better than that?

To view cordelia in Sam's Etsy shop, click here! And be sure to explore all of the fabulous handmade felt bowls and brooches cityroad has on display:

Then head over to Sam's other shop to find some fabulous vintage items:


  1. yay sam!! congrats on second runner up - no easy feat - i had to cheat, lie, and steal, and i still got one wrong.......haha!

  2. Cordelia is a true sweetie! I'm sure she'll find a wonderful home. Congrats, Sam, on second runner-up. I got stumped on two, and then learned that I had one wrong!