June 4, 2010

EPE Mix and Match Game!

EPE Mix and Match Game starts NOW!

Here are some guidelines (not to say "rules") ~

Everyone can play! You don't have to be a member of TeamEPE, and you don't have to purchase anything. :)  Just have fun!!!

Below you'll find 12 photos of items, from 12 different Team Etsy Project Embrace members' shops.

Your mission is to match every item to the shop where I found it, and to send me your answers via Etsy convo at http://RoughMagicCreations.etsy.com or email me at info@roughmagiccreations.com.

Ah well ... I guess there have to be a few rules after all ...

1) You must provide the full shop name, not the owner's name, for each item. If, for example, you identify one of these items as being from my husband Joe's shop, ProsperosBookshelf (and please don't, since you'll be wrong), you must identify the shop as ProsperosBookshelf, not Joe or Joe's shop.

2) Each photo has a number embedded in its bottom margin. Use these numbers to identify the items in your answers. You don't have to give the name of each item, just the shop where I found it.

3) Several EPE members have more than one shop. In these cases, you must provide the correct shop name. For example, I have two shops (RoughMagicCreations and RoughMagicHolidays). So ... identifying the shop as RoughMagic or Mollie's shop wouldn't count as correct.

4) If you spy one of your own items among the 12, don't identify that one! Instead, scroll down till you see the Wild Card photo and identify that shop.
Please note: The Wild Card item is required for players whose items are among the 12 below. Other players may identify the Wild Card shop if you wish, but the correct answer won't earn extra credit, and getting it wrong won't count against you.

5) Please comment here if you'd like, but please don't give away any of the answers (or drop any hints) before the game closes.

Okay, here are the 12 items ~

The first person who correctly matches all 12 items with their shops will be declared Winner. The First Prize is a personal interview right here on this blog, with up to 8 linked images to your online shop(s), Etsy and/or other venues.

The next two people to match all 12 correctly will be named Runners-up and will each receive a linked image of an item of your choice posted on this blog, with a brief descriptive blurb.

This game will end promptly at 8:00 p.m. Monday, June 7. Answers received after that time won't be eligible (but I'll read them anyway). I'll notify the Winner and Runners-up by email or convo and post their names here on Tuesday morning, June 8.

If you have any questions, please convo or email me and I'll get back to you just as soon as I possibly can!
I'm here: http://RoughMagicCreations.etsy.com
And here: info@roughmagiccreations.com

To help you get started, here's a link to the Etsy Project Embrace Team page, where you'll find a linked list of members' shops:

Happy exploring! Be sure to take some time browsing in the team's lovely shops, give some hearts, make some purchases ... but don't forget your mission!

On your mark, get set ... have fun!


  1. Jenn- what have you got - I still need 4,5,6,8 and 11! Ha! Actually I am not doing well - I need to make treasuries again!

  2. Wait I do have 4. Mollie- these are hard!

  3. but I have searched everywhere for them!

  4. ok I'm putting on my glasses now- this is serious

  5. in all seriousness, about 3 completely stumped me. I practically rolled through almost all 165 epe pages and couldn't find them.
    I turned in my answers because I was getting nervous!

  6. I will give #6 a million dollars (or a hug) to step forward

  7. i know quite a few - but there's a few i'm stummped with........

  8. Hint: They aren't all tagged TeamEPE. There's just all in members' shops!

  9. And remember, the game doesn't end till Monday night at 8 o'clock. :)

  10. oh damnit!
    i'm stuck on 4. There is one that i know and can't figure out!!! shoot.

  11. you know 4 Laura but the picture is tricky- I am giving up on #6 - maybe I am not seeig it correctly- no way she is on vacation Mollie?

    will think about it this weekend- it was fun looking in all these shops Mollie- there is some amazing work on this team- I can't believe how many shops are on vacation- I am so jealous! will email you my others so I don't lose them- night all!

  12. oh..... i'm going to have to cheat. LOL

  13. Well, I am stuck on #6..but i got the others.. this is really hard and great, too, Mol! I think I am just going to send it in with my 11!

  14. Just got #6!! Finally. Mollie, you'r a clever girl!

  15. Okay... I'm diving in with my Saturday morning coffee!

  16. good luck rebecca - you may need more than one cup! HAHA

  17. oh, that's my other log in - the way i used to look!!

  18. Laura, you were beautiful then. And you're even more beautiful now!!!

  19. ok....mollie~ this is amazing! I've got 8 of them but cannot find the other 4...YET! I'll be back!

  20. i know 3 of them! tee hee. i doubt there is enough time left for me to figure out the other 10. maybe cat will tell me?