May 20, 2010

Payvment Shopping Cart Linked to Facebook Fan Page

A couple of weeks ago I promised to keep everybody updated if I decided to try out the Payvment application on Facebook.

Well, I did it!

So, here's the scoop ... or at least part of it.

Please keep in mind that the Payvment application is still in beta.

First you'll need a PayPal account, a Facebook account and a Facebook fan page.

Here's a link to a video on how to set up the Payvment shopping cart on Facebook:

It's pretty easy to follow (meaning I could do it). You'll need to open two windows - one for the video and another to follow the steps. The video goes  fast, so I had to keep stopping and restarting it to catch up. And there's a brief delay while Payvment emails you a secret code that you'll paste to your info to activate your account. Also, be sure you click to link Payvment to your fan page - that will put a "Shop Now" tab on your page that will take viewers straight to your shop.

The video doesn't explain how to add items, but I took the intuitive route and, compared to Etsy, found it relatively simple.

There's a little extra twist to it in that once you've saved your listing, you'll need to go back to Your Products, uncheck Unlimited Stock, and then type in the number you actually have available (in my case 1). I'm hoping, while the application is still in beta, they'll add a quantity box to the editing mode, rather than having the default set at unlimited stock.

You can create categories, and I tried it with three (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) but ended up just listing everything under jewelry ... because there doesn't seem to be any way to view all your items if they are categorized separately.

Also, I didn't choose to feature any items, because any that are featured are the only ones that appear without going to each category in the drop-down menu.

You only get one image, which is a drawback, and your image needs to be square or the application cuts off a bit from one side. And I can't figure out how to replace the image once the item is listed, short of deleting and starting over to get each one the way I want it.

I've listed a few items, so if you'd like to take a peek, click here. You can also get there by going to my Facebook fan page and clicking on the "Shop Now" tab.

The Payvment website says there will never be any fees, and that their cart also can be used on any website and some blogs.

So far, I see a few problems with launching through Facebook:
1) Getting found - that's already my pet peeve with the fan pages;
2) Gauging traffic - I can't find any way to track views or clicks.
Overall, I think there's potential here. Time will tell ...


  1. i can't even get my etsy shop to get posted on my facebook........i'm way behind!

  2. Let us know how it goes... what changes are made, if you have any sales and how those go. I just can't envision adding another shop to keep up with at this point. I already spend tooooo much time on the computer! LOL!