May 2, 2010

Let's Plant a Garden with Team Etsy Project Embrace!

Okay, it's that time again up here in Maine, and Joe and I are dreaming of a garden as lovely as the one in "the blue bench," this beautiful photo by the garden shed!

Most years our growing season is all too brief, but this spring has been a long one, with a mix of clear and cloudy skies, warm days and cool nights.

We've had rain and sunshine and more of both, and now the lawn is carpeted with the blazing yellow of dandelions. The earth is soft and moist and more than ready for its annual hoeing and tilling.  It's longing to make a home for the seedlings Joe has been nurturing in their little peat pots in the workshop. He has tomatoes, bell peppers, various herbs (basil, dill, cilantro to name a few). We're planning on green beans, squash, cukes and few flowers (marigolds, alyssum, lupin) as well.

And the time is right!  So what are we waiting for?  A bit of assistance from our teammates over at Etsy Project Embrace, that's what!

Just to make sure we know what we're doing, here's a vintage horticulture book offered by Simply SuzulaPlantes d'Interieur has the advantage of being small, so I can carry it into the garden in my pocket.

And because it's written in French, Joe and I can polish up our parlez vous while playing in the bonne terre.

What to plant first? We'll look no further than these fabulous Plantable Tags by Green Post. Any seed that gets planted with its own green watering can is sure to flourish!

And now, to be sure we remember what we've planted where, we'll grab a handful of rustic Herb Stakes by Glazed Over.

Time for some serious watering now, and Joe found just the thing: this vintage Sprinkler Head from Open Door Studio.

On the side of our house we have a couple of Joe's handmade window boxes.  I'm hoping we can make them look as pretty as this Garden Wagon Planter by Bacon Square Farm.
Hey, Joe!  Have you seen my gardening gloves?


  1. I was once again excited to see a new post here, Mollie, and I was not disappointed. Your writing, your featured pieces, all the colors and fun gardening goodies... yippee! Lovin' it! And I hope Joe found your gardening gloves... better get on out there and get those veggies in the ground!

  2. What a lovely post and wonderful gardening items!

  3. This is such a great article!

  4. mollie~ I am in such a mood for gardening! Our weather has been lovely just like yours and I've already spend several days digging and moving plants- oh joy! thanks so much for including my photo in your beautiful post. I hope joe's little veggies make delicious salads all summer and your garden is pretty with flowers!

  5. you make me want to get out there and start gardening, mollie!