May 27, 2010

And speaking of daisies ...

 ... I decided to illustrate my previous post with a few of the daisies offered by the members of Team Etsy Project Embrace.

Well. So many EPErs are into daisies this spring that I've had to practice amazing self discipline and limit my choices to those items which are actually tagged TeamEPE. (The tag means that when that item sells the seller will make a donation to the American Cancer Society. Click here to find all the currently tagged items.)

Here, starting with happyment's daisy (above) and in no particular order, are a few ... er, pickings. And a lovely bouquet it is!

From Anhoki

 From littlebrownbird

From itsallaboutvintage

From jennjohn

 From akaCINDERS

From BanglesButtonsBeads

From KneeDeepOriginals

From simplysuzula

From shecological

From noahandlilah

From Lori411

From littlebugjewelry

From LamaWorks

And from me

Now, please visit our Team Blog and drop in on our TeamEPE Etsy forum thread and chat with us!


  1. LOL! I was enjoying your post and loving all the gorgeous finds when I scrolled down and found my hair pins included! What a nice surprise! Thanks Mollie!


  2. Daisies are my very most favorite flower!! Love these that you have collected...

    Thanx for including my vintage dish!

  3. I love all these daisies Mollie!

  4. Wow... do we love daisies or what? I sure do!

  5. Big Love for ALL of these Daisy DELITES!!!

  6. Lovely posting and picks, Mollie!! A fine collection of daisies to illustrate your other post which I am now going to find!!

  7. love them Mollie Ann! i haven't seen any daisies in bloom yet here, but we at least we have your blog.......... XO

  8. beautiful choices mollie! i love daisies too~ such a sweet, unassuming little flower...but how else would we know if 'he loves us or loves us not'?