April 7, 2010

This website makeover is not for the fainthearted ...

... but that's what I've been doing the past couple of days.

For a while I was thinking I'd combine my neglected website with Joe's equally neglected website, but when I finally got motivated to move my jewelry to a corner of his bookshop ... well, I just couldn't seem to make it fit.

So instead, I'm keeping my website.  I've gotten attached to it after all.

But while poking around Joe's musty site, I realized it needed a massive overhaul.

I've learned so much online since his site went up in the fall of 2007, it seemed like it would be a snap to give it a quick update. With Joe's kind permission I said I'd take care of it.  Why not?

Why not indeed.  Joe has over 300 books listed over there (most of them 19th and early 20th century theatre books, plays and memoirs), in addition to what he has in his Etsy shop.  And they all need new photos, new descriptions, new tags, new ... everything.  Good grief!

After two days at it, this is the page I've finished.  One page down, 30 to go.

I still believe I can do it. Sometime this century. Maybe.

Meanwhile, if you wonder where I've gone, you can find me up to my ears in old books at Feedback Theatrebooks.

If you're in the neighborhood, please drop in for a chat.
But remember, bring your own feather duster ...

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  1. Wow.... that's a big job, Mollie? 30 pages? Holy smokes! I know what you're talking about though. My website, as well as my husband's, have suffered serious neglect while I put more time and energy into the Etsy shop, my blog, and actually trying to create some things! And I'm supposed to be creating a website for the NC Knife Guild, of which my husband is a member. I already do their quarterly newsletter. Sometimes it's just too much to handle, and I think something has got to go. But what? I should at least make updates to my husband's site since that is the only online presence he has. Sigh. Well, good luck with your reconstruction! Joe's a lucky guy!