March 29, 2010

I just can't get enough ...

... of watching our dooryard visitors. 

This little red guy (or gal) is a member of a clan large and chatty clan who own that fine old tree outside our workshop.

They know us so well after all these years, and understand that we mean them no harm, that they don't even scamper when we step out the door just a few feet from their home.  But oh, how they can scold us!!!  
You know, I think he's actually posing for his portrait!


  1. I absolutely love watching the squirrels... they have such interesting personalities, and what they can do with those little front paws... it's simply amazing!

  2. i heard the red ones can be mean??? Is that true? Hey, those pictures are EXCELLENT!

  3. Thanks Laure. Yes, they can be mean ... if cornered or threatened. We had a heck of a time once when one came down the chimney, but it all ended well with the critter doing a backward somersault out an open window. I wouldn't want to tangle with one up close and personal again though.

  4. Oooo...what a cute little guy, love it and love your other animal visitors pictures :)