February 18, 2010

Saint Patricks Day Fashion Show

Okay, so I have this holiday shop, right?  Right.

And I'm supposed to keep up with the seasons and holidays and feature creations appropriate to each, right?  Right.

And day-before-yesterday was Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, or Pancake Day (depending on where you live), right?  Right.

So I filled up my holiday shop with jewelry and such to celebrate, right?  Wrong.

Darned if I didn't forget all about it ... again this year.  Yep, I forgot it last year too.  And of course I wrote all kinds of little notes to remind myself to get at least a strand of Mardi Gras beads into my shop in 2010.  Those little notes are no doubt smished up in the back of my desk drawer, behind all the other little reminders not to forget the milk and cheese and eggs and this and that.

But I'll tell you what I'm not going to miss this year:  Saint Patrick's Day, that's what.  In fact, I've already got some Luck-o-the-Irish Kelly Green in my holiday shop.  I'm not stopping there, either.  Not on your tam-o'shanter, I'm not.

Drumroll, maestro please!  Sure 'tis time for another Etsy Project Embrace Fashion Show, and this one will feature all things green!

To provide the perfect backdrop and get everybody in an Emerald Isle kind of mood, here's a beautiful Serenity Now photo by JaneElizabeths.

And now that the stage is set, I'm off looking for smart little (green) numbers to wear with my Seamus (pronounced shame'-us, laddies and lassies) bracelet. 

Here's Nyblaque's* gorgeous Green Chalcedony Earrings, wrapped in 14k gold filled wire ...  
*And hey, check out Ny's blog to vote in her poll! http://nyblaque.blogspot.com

And visionquest's I Feel Lucky sterling silver lucky charm necklace ...

These Evergreen Merino Wool Socks by LamaWorks look so comfy ...
... as does phydeaux's Soft Leaf Neckwarmer ...

Nothing drab about opendoorstudio's khaki drab green Over the Shoulder Bag ...

And won't the little girl next door look smashing in her pretty vintage dress With Butterflies by tailorbee?






It wouldn't be Saint Patrick's Day without at least one shamrock, and 5gardenias has just the thing -- this happy Shamrock Celluloid Brooch!

Now this is what I call a Top o' the Mornin' Celebration!  In fact I'm so happy to have found all these green beauties, I feel like dressing up in gooodmorning's Mint Green Sundress and frolicking across a sunny Irish meadow -- maybe the one in JaneElizabeth's photo!   
Happy Saint Paddy's Day, Everybody! 


  1. Mollie... you totally crack me up! Love your sense of humor and your phrasing... and love your green EPE features too. Have a fantastic Friday and weekend! Hugs to you and Joe!

  2. mollie - you're ready in LOTS of time for this one! and i'm NOT! your great post and beautiful featured items had reminded me to get off my half-irish hind-end! happy day! xo

  3. fabulous mollie! perfectly adorable st paddy's selections :D you are most definately on the ball with this one!!

    Ireland is a beautiful country - it deserves its' chance to shine!

  4. I love your blog as much as I love your treasuries, which is a LOT! Thank you, wonderful Mollie, for including Soft Leaf in your great St. Paddy's lineup! Green is my favorite color, so I love all of these too! xoxo Brenda

  5. Mollie!! I love this post....your humor is refreshing and hilarious. I was just cracking up at WildWomanJewelry's "hind-end" comment..too funny LOL!!

    Thank you for adding my Chalcedony Earrings..I love OpenDoorStudios's over the shoulder bag.

    xoxoTeamEPE- Happy St. Patty's Day;-)


  6. what GREAT choices!! i love them ALL!!
    and i'm so LUCKY to have my necklace included here. ;o)
    thank you! xoxo

  7. hey there mollie-- you are definitely the first out of the gate with plenty of good time to enjoy your green finds-- love the celebration!! -- and excuse my obtuseness.. but when the heck is pancake day???

    ..or were you just talking about one of joe's great breakfasts?

    thanks so much -- have a super weekend


  8. Nice, Mollie! Very enjoyable-your choices and the chuckles!

  9. Great collection! I've been to Ireland once VERY briefly and LOVED it. I hope to make it back there for longer trip. Thank you for sharing!

  10. hey mollie! i've nominated you for the sunshine blogger award! drop by my blog for the details - xo karon