February 3, 2010

Eggs Wednesday!

The days of the week at our house:  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, EggsWednesday, Thursday, Friday ...

It's no secret around these environs that my hubby is a dab hand at cooking.  Usually though he limits his culinary enterprises to breakfast* (always the same:  oatmeal, orange juice, coffee), the occasional luncheon Maine-style burrito (no, don't even ask), and a hearts of romaine dinner salad.

And the baking, of course.  I can't remember the last time a loaf of store-bought bread gained entry to this house.  Same goes for frozen pie crust and packaged cookies.  No mint patties need apply.  Not even a vanilla wafer gets past the door.  Except for fig newtons, which don't really count as cookies, and have a history here ... but that's for another post.

Now to Wednesday!  O frabjous day!  Joe fries eggs for lunch, and what eggs he fries!  Beautiful, crispy brown and laced round the edges, saucy golden at the yolk, and snowy white and fluffy in between.  I could eat them by the carton, but we limit ourselves (with admirable strength of character) to two apiece.  As a side dish, warm and toasty English muffins, dripping with Smart Balance (well, we have to be virtuous somewhere) and heaped with spicy mango chutney from a local jam maker with the appealing name of Nervous Nellie.

And while I've been writing this homily to Eggs a la Hubs, the master chef has been working his magic in the kitchen.  Which means I must bring this essay to its logical conclusion.  For the finale, here are a few tempting treats by members of Team Etsy Project Embrace:

Clockwise from upper left:
ooak art easter tags by OpendoorHandmade.etsy.com
Mini mosaic eggs by Sigmosaics.etsy.com 
Robin Nest Pin or Magnet by Foxgloves.etsy.com
chicken or egg covered dish by 5gardenias.etsy.com

Uh-oh!  There goes the gong!  Bye.

*I'm banned from the kitchen before my second cup of coffee.


  1. Thanks so much for including my little nest with these other lovely eggs. You have impeccable taste! ;)

  2. Mollie,
    I am totally jealous of your space in the world and I love how your name originated ( roughmagiccreations) I LOVE the feature about the eggs and I am totally flattered that you included my tags....thanks bunches!
    martha ( great blog by the way!)

  3. i have to say mollie that joe's eggs and your description of them are a tough act to follow-- thank goodness i just had dinner-- otherwise i know i would be hankering for some of those eggs-- and maybe too distracted to stay and poke about here on your blog!!

    i love your post mollie and i'm in great company -- thanks bunches and hugs to you!!

  4. p.s-- i love the photos of the deer-- do they come right up to your front door and knock-- they sure are close to your house. how delightful! ( and your kitty is ever so sweet!! )

  5. Okay, so here it is 1:15 in NC on Thursday, and I have not yet stopped to have anything to eat. But now, I'm thinking that I better go fix an egg and cheese sandwich because this post just smells fabulous and looks delish! Or would Joe like to come down here and fix lunch for me... even if it is Thursday?

  6. Very enjoyable blog post..and picks to illustrate it, Mollie! I finally ate my breakfast eggs.for lunch but they probably wern't as good as Joe's!

  7. thanks for inviting me...your blog is great & might i say you have an "eye" for making FP treasuries...absolutely beautiful!

    sundays i try to catch up with my blog...i'll be adding you to my bloglist,,,thanks for putting mine on yours.

  8. my goodness, your breakfast sounds a treat! I wish you & joe would come 'down here' and cook up a storm in my kitchen .. please!!

    thank you so much Mollie for including my eggs with these beautiful eggs XOX Kerrin