January 15, 2010

Much Ado About [almost] Nothing ...

Yesterday I was sitting here gazing out my window, watching a little red squirrel bouncing around the yard, scampering up and down the fir tree, and leaping effortlessly from branch to branch.  And I got to wondering if he might be the same little critter that came down our chimney one day.

Here's what happened ...

Now this story has a moral:  Squirrels are as cute as can be.  Until they come indoors.

Click here to visit the treasury.  But be warned -- some viewers may find certain images disturbing ...


  1. Loved the Treasury, Mollie! . though as you say some images a bit disturbing.. aww, the kitty..hoping the only thing that comes down your chimney next is Santa!!

  2. Shucks! I missed the treasury. I have also experienced the anti-joy of having squirrels in the house. No fun...no fun at all!