December 23, 2009


Ho Ho Ho!   Here's our favorite part of Christmas and the entire Holiday Season ~ the ritual of decorating the tree!  

This time of year our human neighbors have all flown south with the snowbirds, but that doesn't mean we're alone here.  Every day we have visitors come to call ~ deer, fox, bobcats, red and grey squirrels, bunnies, chickadees, woodpeckers, seagulls, eiders, crows, turkeys ... perhaps an occasional black bear or moose.

But indoors, unless you count a dozen or so tropical fish, it's just the three of us now ~ Joe, kitty and me.  It's unlikely that any of our own kind will be around to see our tree, our wreaths, our lights ~ but that doesn't matter.  
We continue our ritual this time each year ~ 
Because it's Christmas, 
Because we are here.
      This year our main tree is a 9' fir, fresh from our Maine woods.  No pruning or shaping allowed here ~ the shape is all natural, just as it grew in the forest! 

      Some of our decorations are vintage pieces from Joe's childhood in Portland, others we've collected here and there over the past 28-1/2 years, and some we've made by hand.  It's an unmatched, eclectic assortment, but we cherish each ornament for its own (often peculiar) charm.  

      And isn't that what these joyous Holidays are really all about ~ cherishing each and every one of us for what we are, without "pruning" or "shaping"? 

      So ... to quote Tiny Tim, "God bless us ... every one."

      Wishing each and every one of you the Merriest Christmas ever!   
      ~ Mollie and Joe


      1. Oh Mollie! I love this post... makes me feel a part of it all. And hey, though no one else might see your gorgeous tree in its natural beauty adorned with vintage and collected ornaments, I did... and whoever else may visit your blog, so thanks for decorating and thanks for sharing it with us!!! Hope you and Joe and kitty and all other visiting critters have a wonderful and blessed holiday!

      2. What a lovely way to wake up on the morning of Christmas Eve! Rebecca, you spread joy and happiness wherever you go -- through your words, your music, your painting, your photography, your jewelry, and through the kind of loving friendship that's always the best holiday blessing of all! Thank you for spreading it here!!!