November 7, 2009

Yikes! I've been Tattooned!

Hmmm ... Well, my eyes aren't quite that green, my hair isn't quite that gray, my lips aren't quite that red, my teeth aren't quite that straight, and my hat is red and green plaid.
But hey, the wine is okay ... so I guess the 'toon will do!  

Look out, Joe!  You're next ...

... and here he is!  Okay, so he gave away most of his suits and ties when we left New York (!), and I couldn't find a fedora so substituted the chef's hat, and the creators of the program don't think a man should bake pies ... but aside from that, it's not a bad likeness.  Especially after we've polished off that cabernet sauvignon!

Here, for the sake of comparison, are the "real us."

I dunno.  Anyway, this is how I frittered away a perfectly good Saturday morning!  LOL

P.S.  Well ... I guess the chef's hat wasn't such a bad choice after all, considering the way Joe spent his morning!

Joe's Applesauce Cake, made from apples from our orchard!  Yummy!

Do I feel guilty for frittering while he baked away?
Nah.  I'll save my guilt for after dessert tonight!


  1. OMG Mollie! What a man!!! And he bakes too???? WOW! The cartoons are a hoot! Love it! xo Cait

  2. Love this posting, you guys! Worse ways to "fritter away a morning"; love the pix/both sets..and nice to see Joe baking away. Impressive and doubly impressive that the apples were from your orchard! Wow!! Good idea to save the guilt or ignore it all together, Mol!

  3. Those cartoons are too funny! Looks like your husband is one heck of a baker...YUM!!