November 12, 2009


I had to laugh.  Even though the joke's on me.

Maybe this happened to other Etsians today, and I'm sorry if it caused you discombobulation, but it struck me as hilarious. 

Okay, here's how it went.... The main treasury is about to open, so here I sit all hunched and nervous, poster sketch at the ready, fingers twitching, waiting for that little box to appear ... 3 minutes ... 2 minutes ... 1 min-- Aha!  There it is!

Quick like a bunny I click in the box and type my title, "Putty please pass the salt" (more on this later), hit my Enter key and ... INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.

What?????  Backspace.  No luck.  Forward space.  ETSY IS DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE.  Over to my poster sketch window.  It's working just fine over there -- no maintenance going on.  And no treasury.

Rats!  Off I go moping, dust the dining room furniture, fix and eat lunch, back to Etsy.  Still no treasury.

But ... all is not lost!  Treasury West is now about to open, and I still have my poster sketch at the ready.  So here I sit, all hunched and nervous ... 3 minutes ... 2 minutes ... 1 min-- Aha!  Quick like a bunny and all that, hit the Enter key and ...

Tada!  I've got my treasury.  "Putty please pass the salt," which is a composite of two items in my treasury.  "Putty" is from a happy pair of striped socks by LamaWorks, and "please pass the salt" is from a pretty little lidded glass dish from 5gardenias.

So I start filling in the boxes with items from my poster sketch, and about halfway through I notice that I have a new message from another Etsian.  Do I stop to open and read it?  I do not.  Nope.  I finish up my treasury first, and here's the treasury!

Whew!  All done.  Now it's time to read my message.  It's from Betti of realfaery, writing all the way from Budapest to tell me that my main treasury is there waiting for me!   And sure enough, when I click the link Betti has provided, there it is with its 16 little empty boxes ready to be filled ~ and its title written in stone ~ "Putty please pass the salt"

So here I sit, no poster sketch, no ideas, just that title.  Again.  And did I ever scramble to get my 12 items and 4 alternates in place!  Betti was the first one to go in, and after that some fellow Team EPE members and a few more favorites ... and here it is!

So yes, I do have two treasuries with the very same name.

And you know what?  After all the moping and dusting and treasury making and rolling on the floor laughing, I'm plumb tuckered out.
Nighty night all.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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