November 18, 2009

Rays of Grace - A New Etsy Shop, filled with Love, Hope, Faith and Giving!

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to introduce Rays of Grace to my blog followers!

This lovely new Etsy artist is a talented and generous nature photographer in Caddo Mills, Texas, just a stone's throw from the college (now a branch of Texas A & M) that I attended many years ago, and none too far from my hometown, Dallas.

The top photo pictured is entitled "Promise for the Seasons" and is one of her Faith Art Collection in her Etsy Shop:

And this photo is "Dawn in Texas" from the same collection.
From her mission statement:
"100% of the profit from the sale of my Faith Art will be donated to Christian ministries. My current project is Breaking Chains, a ministry that rescues women who have been sold into slavery in Mexico. I have committed a total of 4 sales to this project. Please help me meet my goal by purchasing Faith Art from this shop." 

Here are a few more of her gorgeous art photographs, now available in her shop: 

Let's give this new Etsy seller a welcome as warm as this sweet puppy! 


  1. What a lovely and generous post, Mollie. Looks like a great new Etsy shop. And oh my gosh... I love the face on that pup! Talk about sweetness!

  2. thanks mollie! what a talented photographer!