October 16, 2009

New Treasury for Etsy Project Embrace

It isn't often that I have two treasuries running at the same time, but that's what happened this afternoon.  Treasury West opened and I was ready!  So until just after midnight tonight, I'll have both this new one and a main Treasury list ("The Nebulous Kingdom") up simultaneously.

The title for my new list "Did you say ... BURGUNDY????" came to me after a couple of my favorite items from different shops looked so darn good side by side.  After those two, it was a snap to fill the other spaces.  In fact, I could have filled up two or three treasuries -- maybe more -- with lovely beautiful burgundy selections.

I chose widely this time, first browsing the shops of my fellow Etsy Project Embrace (EPE) Team members and then branching out with a general search for the terms "burgundy" and "gold."

As it turned out, seven of the dozen featured sellers are EPE team members.  There's quite a variety too -- a dress, ribbon, jewelry, soap, a photograph, a little gift box, a journal, a Christmas ornament, a bookmark, a cell phone charm and a tablecloth!  I'm delighted with this treasury and have included the four alternates in the image. 

Till 10:43 a.m. Monday, Oct. 19th, you can view this collection by clicking here:

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