October 25, 2009

Daniel Frohman Presents ... a Theatrical Memoir. And a slow learner.

Since I was already online after lunch, Joe asked me if I'd list an item in his Etsy shop.

Sure.  Happy to.  So, he hands me this faded and well-worn book, an autobiography from 1937, and I take a peek at some photos (hmmm ... those look interesting) and start writing the description (hmmm ... this author has a nice prose style) ...

Fast forward about three hours --

Okay, granted I'm on dial up (again, alas), and listing anything is pretty slow going.  But THREE HOURS????  How can that be?

Well ... er ... ahem.  I did it again.  Started reading the book and ... more than three hours later, I've learned quite a lot about the New York theatre scene in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

But what I haven't learned is to put down the darned book and get on with the business of listing. 

Just hope it sells before I find it again (to prevent further distraction, Joe has it hidden away) ... or after I've snooped it out and finished reading.

To view Daniel Frohman Presents, please click this link:
But do beware -- it'll entrap you before you know it!  And that's a tip from one who knows!


  1. Hey Mollie: A delightful posting.. I can see how distractions like immersion in a wonderful book can happen! ..Oh, and seeing this beautiful blog of yours is encouraging me to move with blogging "lessons" for mine ..and thanks for including one of my felted pieces here!! xoxo

  2. Thank you Ginny! Hey, plunge right in and have some fun blogging away -- it's just as addictive (and rewarding) as felting, or making treasuries, or eating chocolate chip cookies! :)