October 15, 2009

Autumn in Maine ... and a New Copper Item for Etsy Project Embrace

Here's our Maple Leaf Copper Dish, inspired by the glorious autumn colors of Down East Maine.

Joe and I were out and about running errands this afternoon, first to the local post office (3 miles away), then on to Blue Hill (17 miles away), where we bought more sheet copper, and the grocery store for ice cream, eggs, and a few other necessities.

Usually I balk at having to leave my home-cum-studio, but today I was ready to go.  The sun was shining, the air was brisk, and of course there was copper on the list.  But the main attraction for me was the chance to take one last peek at the glorious fall foliage between home and Blue Hill.  The birches are bright yellow and gold, the maples are fiery red and orange, and against the background of deep green conifers -- well, it was all a sight to behold!  Next time the wind kicks up or the rain comes down, the leaves will go and winter will be with us, de facto if not officially.  Even as I write this, the temperature is dropping.  We'll dip into the low 30s again tonight, and tomorrow we'll begin "hunkering down" for the remainder of October.  Early next month, we'll head out again for provisions and such -- to Ellsworth (32 miles away) and restock our keeping room shelves again.

But for now, there's Joe's Irish Soda Bread baking in the oven, our own apples steaming on the stove, a new necklace for me to begin tonight, and tomorrow -- a bright new sheet of copper, awaiting the shears, the hammer, the flame ...

Ah ... Life is Good!

Joe cut the leaf from 18 gauge sheet copper, and I hammered and and shaped it by hand. A flame bath and buffing brought out its rich range of fall colors -- from burnt orange and yellow gold to hot pink and coral. There are even a few glints of lavender. It's perfect for Autumn -- and all year too!

The dish measures approximately 5-1/2" x 5-7/8".  It's now listed in my Etsy Shop, so please click here to view it there.

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