September 27, 2009

We're Official! Etsy Project Embrace now has our own team page!

WooooHoooo!  Etsy admin has given approval to our team:  Etsy Project Embrace!!!  Here's the link to our team page:

As many of you already know, Etsy Project Embrace (ETE) was begun several months ago by two Etsy sellers, Amy ( and Kim (, after fellow Etsian and friend Laura Slocum ( was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and began a grueling regime of chemotherapy.

Laura draws friends like a magnet.  In fact, she is one of the most beloved of Etsy sellers, known for her warm and friendly personality, her beautiful smile, her wicked sense of humor, her kindness, her generosity, and now, for her enormous faith, strength and courage.  And, is she ever a fighter!  Just recently she got fabulous news from her doctor:  N.S.D. and C.R., which translate to "No Sign of Disease" and "Complete Remission."  Now this doesn't mean that her long chemo sessions will be ending -- that tedious and difficult treatment will continue until sometime in 2011, but Laura (being Laura) faces it down each time with her sincere smile and bubbly optimism.  And, to raise awareness and support for cancer research, she shares it with us, her friends on Etsy and elsewhere, through her fantastic blog:

About Team Etsy Project Embrace.  For these past months, a growing number of Etsy sellers have been tagging certain items in their shops with the project tag (now obsolete) and, when those items sell, donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in honor of Laura. So far, these sellers have donated more than $2,500!

As of yesterday, with Kristin ( as our team leader, we have our team page and a new tag for our items: teamepe.  So, to find these items on the page, choose "All Items" from the drop-down menu and type teamepe in the search box.  When you purchase teamepe items, you'll be assured that you are making a contribution to the cause of cancer prevention, research and yes, the march toward a cure! 

And Etsy member can join TeamEPE!!!!  Just contact Kristin at for details.

Here are some other links relevant to Etsy Project Embrace:

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And here are clickable links to the team members: 3squares, 5gardenias, adornbyamysingley, akaCINDERS, AnAngelAtMyTable, animalgam, baahar, barefootweaver, beadworksbykerri, blacksheepdesigns, botanicalbird, budpnq, busterandboo, CatLudwigStudio, Celticcatphotos, cityroad, Colourshoppevintage, creativelytangled, creativelytangled2, DancingDolphinPotter, dancingintherains, danugs, dbabcock, decoratethediva, earcandyarts, endlesssunner, ErikaPrice, f2images, fawnpotter, ginnyhuber, glazedover, gooodmorning, GreenPost, happyment, innovationdesign, jennreese7, kathiroussel, KnotOriginal, LaTouchables, lauraslocumpainted, lokumdust, loveartworks, maclancy, maiziedesigns, melfitz, monarchdancer, monicaj, monicajtwo, moonovermaize, nexusjewelry, oktak, PaperPetalCreations, polarity, ProsperosBookshelf, rachellucie, RoughMagicCreations, RoughMagicHolidays, sexyskins, shamarjewels, shecological, sherrytruitt, shizendesigns, sigmosaics, sisterstreasure, sleevy, slinkymalinkicat, SweetnessJewelry, TanyaMac, theBeadAerie, thegardenshed, thePeachTree, UnaOdd, uncorked, vadjutka, veroque, Waterrose, WhirlWindJewelry, WildWomanJewelry, ylojewelry

So, like I said:  WooooHoooo!  It's Happy Dance Time!

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