September 22, 2009

My Panic Attack - Or "Treasury Building in a Pinch"

So here I sat the other day, staring at this monitor and waiting, waiting, waiting for that tiny little window to open.  Trying not to blink and miss it.  One hand on the mouse, the other hovering atremble over the shift key.

Oh, the suspense.  The anticipation.

Yes, Etsy's Treasury West was about to open, and I was going to get in no matter what.  I'd just happened to be looking at the existing treasuries and saw that only 2 minutes remained before that magic number 222 expired.

So, here I was -- no poster sketch ready, no title in mind, totally blank and ever hopeful.  Okay, 30 seconds to go ... Joe was stretched out on the sofa across the room, reading.  I said to him:  "Quick!  Give me a title!"  He didn't even look up or lose his place, just said calmly, "panic attack."

So that was that.  And here it is:

A footnote is called for here, I think.  To my mind, a classic panic attack is very much like a "red alert," so I started with the idea of a red treasury.  I already planned to link to Etsy Project Embrace, so I began my quest by searching "All Items" tagged "etsyprojectembrace red."  

The perfect "keystone" item appeared immediately, Lisa's red & black "Love Pouch."  I nabbed it and began to build around it.  Next came Kristin's "Infinity Bowl" -- again red and black.  I remembered Shay's "Vintage Red & Black Earrings" and Carol's "Brocade Gift Box" -- both perfect!

I was on a roll, and then everything just fell into place. Here they are, in no particular order:

Sheila's "Learning Japanese," Erika's "Symphony Opus 43," Kerri's "Beaded Red Dangle Earrings," Iris's "Gossip Girl," Susan's "Vintage Tablecloth," Brenda's "Gothic Love Scarf," Jess's "Thorny Rose Cowboy Hat," Cat's "Bloom Cork Necklace".

Mix Mix -- Toss Toss, and Hey Presto! 

Thus ends the saga of My Panic Attack ... at least until next time a treasury is counting down.

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