September 14, 2009

Mining Camp -- My New Treasury West List for Etsy Project Embrace

After missing about half a dozen treasury openings over the past few days, I managed not to blink this morning and snagged a Treasury West. 

Until 12:27 a.m. EDT Thursday, September 27, you can view my "Mining Camp" treasury by clicking here or on the image.

Or you can view any item or visit each of these beautiful shops any time by clicking on the item or seller's name below ~

Items and sellers, left to right, top to bottom:
Autumn Lacy Wrap- Capelet by Monarchdancer
Indian JewelryMaking Volume II by DesigningIt
Ochre Freeform Disc Bracelet by dorothydomingo
Print - Fern leaf by pfdoriginalartworks
Bracelet Warm Sweater by WildWomanJewelry
Vintage Mini Dress by simplysuzula
Shawl in green by innovationdesign
Rustic Woodland Birdhouse by baconsquarefarm
I Love Halloween Handknit Scarf by CricketsCreations

Several of these featured shops are Embracers, sellers who are participating in Etsy Project Embrace (EPE).  Embracers donate a portion of the proceeds from items tagged etsyprojectembrace to the American Cancer Society in support of fellow Etsian Laura Slocum ~ ~ who is battling ovarian cancer with courage, high spirits, fierce determination and a wicked sense of humor.  I am honored to call myself an Embracer too.

To learn more about the Etsy Project Embrace, click here.
To find items with the etsyprojectembrace tag, click here.
To meet and chat with Laura on her blog, click here.
To follow the EPE forum thread, click here.

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