September 11, 2009

The First off the Vine

Here's a reprise of a post from September 9 of last year.  Just couldn't resist giving this little cutie another day in the sun.  ~

No, we didn't pick him -- Hurricane Hanna blew him off the vine on her way out to sea. We rescued the poor little critter and just can't resist showing him off. We're mighty proud of him. He's our first, you know.

"Who you callin' ugly?"
Wonder what he'll be when he grows up? Hmmm...
  • Maybe a tasty morsel fried in cornmeal?
  • Or in my famous spaghetti sauce, perhaps?
  • Spray paint him orange to scare away the goblins on Halloween?
Nah, I think we'll have him bronzed and put him on display.
Update:  And there he sits to this day, on the shelf right beside our bronzed baby shoes.

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