September 21, 2009

A "First" for me, a lovely surprise, and some unabashed crowing ...

Does the thrill ever diminish?

A bit of background info:  If you're an Etsy seller (, you know the lovely feeling of finding that another seller has chosen one of your items to place in his or her Treasury -- a member-curated collection of a dozen favorite items.  I'm always so excited when one of my items gets chosen.  In fact it's an honor bestowed by a fellow seller who, in a different kind of venue, might be considered a competitor.  But on Etsy, the sellers are actually friends.  No, I'm not kidding!!!  Ask any Etsian.

And the frosting on the treasury cake is that Etsy administration (hereafter referred to as "admin") may choose that treasury for 15 +/- minutes of fame on the Front Page at Etsy.  Now, for you non-Etsians, getting an item among the chosen dozen to be featured on the "FP" is a real treat because, with about 1,000,000 souls world-wide viewing the site, those items get tons of exposure.

Okay, fast forward here:  September 17 started off much like any other day:  up early, dance my dance, morning ablutions, milk for Moonbeam, coffee for me, then off to the study-cum-computer room (I call it the "snug" and sometimes the "cozy") to check the email and log in to Etsy to stare at my shops and ponder.  So passed most of the day ...

Evening.  Here's a message coming through Etsy's system of private email conversations (affectionately known as "convos" in Etsy Speak) from my friend Shay.  Marvelous lady and true friend that she is, Shay was writing to let me know that an item of mine was on the Front Page!!! 

Quick like a bunny, I made a cyber bee-line for the FP and, sure enough, there it was!  My copper Halloween necklace, "Swoops the Bat"!  Right there in the last slot in the lower right corner!!!  Immediately I looked to see what lovely fellow Etsian had put "Swoops" in the chosen treasury.

Now getting into a treasury is thrilling, landing on the FP is delightful, but the real plum, the prize, the gold ring, the big cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae, is having one of your items chosen, not as part of a treasury, but for a thematic FP selected by admin.  (Hmmm ... Didn't I already say that? LOL ~ I've said it again.)

Oh, Happiness!  Oh, Joy!  Oh, my goodness gracious!!!  My little "Swoops" had been chosen by admin for a Halloween themed FP!  This was the first time admin had selected one of my items!!! 

Called Joe to come and look, then dashed back to the convo to bless Shay.  That delightful girl had even attached a screen shot for me!  And here it is!

So ends the story ... except that I'm still whooping and happy dancing.

And no, the thrill never diminishes.


  1. Mollie you crack me up. I am so happy that your item made it on the front page and that it sold out. I was exhausted from Happy Dancing for you! Congrats! Love your blog too!

  2. congrats! your swoops the bat is adorably sweet and batty! and you've summed up the experience with the perfect thrill it just never gets old, eh? and, I'm certain, it will only happen again! :)