August 27, 2009

"Flo" - The Mysterious Fainting Angel

Here's "Flo" (Florence Nightingale Finnigan II) our pretty angel fish. 

Several days ago, Joe found Flo dead on the bottom of the aquarium.  LOL.  So we turned off the power to the tank, and I reached in to remove the corpse.  As soon as I took hold of her dorsal fin, she started wiggling and gasping.  And when I let go, she started swimming.

We couldn't figure it out, but Flo seemed fine till the next evening -- when we saw her drifting horizontally and I told Joe, "This time she really is gone."  So, off goes the power, in goes the hand ... Flo wiggles, gasps, swims away.

Again, she seemed fine -- till two nights ago.  I walked up to the aquarium just in time to see Flo take a flying leap out of the water, bang her "nose" on the glass tank cover and knock herself cold.  Joe said, "She's gone for sure this time."  Nope.  In less than a minute, without any assistance (i.e., interference) from us, she's wiggling, gasping, swimming ...

And she's swimming still and perfectly happy ... till the next time she decides she'd like to be a bird.

Which reminds me of the day the downy woodpecker flew into our living room window ... but that's another story.


  1. Oh, hilarious! First, I'm impressed that Flo was considerate enough to pose for the paparazzi. Second, I'm floored that she has as many lives as a cat (are you sure she's not a catfish?). And third, as for the woodpecker...been there, done that (alas!). Loved this post, Mollie!

  2. Glad you enjoyed Flo's antics, Jill! And speaking of cats, at 5:00 o'clock yesterday morning, our normally quiet kitty started shouting (that's the only word that fits the noise she was making). When I jumped up to see what she was complaining about, she led me to the fish tank and plunked herself down. Sure enough, there was Flo -- out cold AND caught up in one of the plants. So we danced our dance, and she's fine now. Maybe she IS a catfish ... or maybe our kitty is a fishcat??? LOL

  3. Sounds like fishcat and catfish are connected on a metaphysical level - like twins separated at birth. With all of these dramatic exits and entrances, I hope Flo realizes what a lucky duck-- er, angelfish she is!

  4. Hmmmm ... points to ponder in our abundant leisure. ;) I'll be sure to tell Flo she's one lucky duck. No doubt she'll be delighted, although her tank mates might cry "fowl"!