March 9, 2008

Recipe: Rough Magic Creations Handcrafted Jewelry

Q. How can Rough be Magic?
A. If it's good enough for Prospero (Shakespeare's shipwrecked magician in The Tempest), it's good enough for us (Rough Magic Creations TM).

Here's the recipe for Handcrafted Jewelry:

1: A Dash of Rough -- Shells (gathered from the beach at Herrick Bay)
and/or Handcarved Beads (of Downeast Maine Hardwood)

2: A Flash of Magic -- Fine Jewelry Components

(Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Semi-precious Gemstones, Sterling Silver, etc.)

3: A Splash of Paint (optional)

4: A Dollop of Imagination -- TBD (provided by our designers)

5: A Large Carton of Hard Work* (ditto designers).


Add above ingredients in order.

Mix well.

(Add more
#@!/%\:/! as needed).

Assemble and behold . . .
Rough Magic!

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